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kaleesha morris

Kaleesha Morris

Kaleesha Morris is a proud Gumbaynggirr and Kulkalgal woman who born and raised on her mother’s country in the Clarence Valley by the Northern Rivers of NSW. Kalessha is a Youth Ambassador for Just Reinvest NSW. “I often try to raise special awareness of the tragic Aboriginal suicide rates in Australia,” says Kaleesha, “as well as the increasing incarceration rates of our people, both realities of which are unacceptable in Australia. I am a youth ambassador for Just Reinvest NSW, an…


Mick Gooda

Mick Gooda is a descendent of the Gangulu people, the current Social Justice Commissioner and a long term Champion of Just Reinvest NSW. “Putting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in detention centres and prisons should be the option of last resort,” says Mr Gooda. “We’d do far better if we put our resources and political will into trying proven alternatives like justice reinvestment. If we’re serious about closing the gap in life outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people we have…

Sarah Hopkins

Sarah Hopkins

Sarah Hopkins is Chair of the Just Reinvest NSW and the Managing Solicitor of Justice Projects at the Aboriginal Legal Service ACT/NSW. She is an accredited specialist in criminal law and has lectured in criminal law at the University of NSW.

Sarah has been working with the Bourke community since 2012 and is Project Director of the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project in Bourke, which was the recipient of the 2015 National Rural Law and Justice Award.

Sarah is a member of…

Photo courtesy of the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW

Alistair Ferguson

Alistair Ferguson is the Executive Director of Maranguka and on the Executive Committee of Just Reinvest NSW. For the last ten years Alistair has been the Chairperson of the Bourke Aboriginal Community Working Party. In 2008, Maranguka – an overarching strategy to ensure the community’s ongoing well being – emerged as the operational arm of the Bourke Aboriginal Community Working Party. Justice reinvestment is a core component of the Maranguka initiative. Alistair’s position of Executive Director has been funded by…


His Excellency General The Hon. David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d)

The Hon. David Hurley is a Champion of Just Reinvest NSW and the Governor of NSW. He believes justice reinvestment has the potential to turn communities around. “It is about making communities safer and stronger,” said Mr Hurley. “Through a justice reinvestment framework, strategies can be developed that reduce crime and strengthen communities. It is a framework to build a better future for young Aboriginal people.”

His Excellency General The Hon. David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d) is the Governor of NSW.

Salil Shetty

Salil Shetty

Salil Shetty is a Champion of Just Reinvest NSW and the Secretary General of Amnesty International. Mr Shetty believes that the over-representation of Indigenous people in Australian prisons is a human rights issue. “As we saw at the UN Universal Periodic Review of Australia, the international community condemned the shameful over-representation of Indigenous people in Australia’s criminal justice system,” said Mr Shetty. “What’s happening in Bourke is innovative on a world-scale. Indigenous people there have taken the concept of justice…


Tammy Solonec

Tammy Solonec is a Nigena woman from Derby, in the Kimberley of Western Australia. She is a Champion of Just Reinvest NSW and the Indigenous Rights Manager with Amnesty International. Ms Solonec believes the current system of ‘justice’ in Australia is hardly just. “Too many of our men, women and children are incarcerated – and many of them simply because of the circumstances of disadvantage and poverty they are born in,” said Ms Solonec. “The impacts of incarceration on individuals, in terms…

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Professor Marie Bashir

Professor Marie Bashir is a Champion of Just Reinvest NSW and the former Governor of NSW. “Aboriginal young people surely need our help and our support to address the circumstances that lead to prison,” said Professor Bashir. “Communities need more help to support Aboriginal young people. More programs indeed are required that can make a real difference and positively engage Aboriginal young people who may be at risk of offending. Incarceration is not the solution.  More community cohesion, more…

Prof Mich Dodson

Professor Mick Dodson AM

Professor Mick Dodson AM is a member of the Yawuru peoples, the traditional Aboriginal owners of land and waters in the Broome area of the southern Kimberley region of Western Australia. He is a Champion of Just Reinvest NSW and currently Director of the National Centre for Indigenous Studies at the Australian National University. He is a Professor of law at the ANU College of Law. Professor Dodson is also currently a Director of Dodson; Bauman & Associates Pty Ltd – Legal…


Aunty Mille Ingram

Aunty Mille Ingram was born and raised in Wiradjuri country (Cowra) in central NSW. She is an Executive Committee member of Just Reinvest NSW and was the Chief Executive Officer of Wyanga Aged Care, before retiring. Ms Ingram believes the incarceration rate of Aboriginal youth in Australia is a national disgrace, and an indictment on all of our Australian governments. “STOP the penal attitude and start looking at prevention,” said Ms Ingram. “Poverty should not be a crime. From poverty comes homelessness…