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NSW justice group says re-think needed

A New South Wales Aboriginal justice group says the numbers of young Indigenous people in jail could drop under a re-allocation of government resources,...


Over-representation of Indigenous Australians a catastrophe

The over-representation of Indigenous Australians in prison is one of the most urgent human rights issues facing the country today, according to Aboriginal and...


Q&A with Kaleesha Morris, Indigenous youth ambassador

My name is Kaleesha. I am 24, and I am a proud Gumbaynggirr and Kulkalgal woman. I was born and raised on my mother’s...


It’s time for a new approach

Aboriginal leaders join NSW government Members in a short film about justice reinvestment and why it’s needed in NSW.  


Reinvesting in our future

Growing up on her people’s country near Grafton in the Far North Coast of NSW and seeing what happened so close to home is...


We are not just passing through

Alistair Ferguson, chair of the Aboriginal Community Working Party, was born in nearby Brewarrina, reports the Griffith Review. He’s lived in Bourke most of...


Teens promote justice reinvestment through rap

Reducing crime and incarceration rates was front and centre at the National Youth Affairs conference in Adelaide, and so were the 15-year-olds who chose...


Inquiry into prevention rather than prison

Beau, Tray and Kobie are advocates for justice reinvestment. They’re working on a film clip as part of the campaign to take taxpayers’ dollars...


Creating alternative pathways for incarcerated Indigenous youth

Last week saw the launch of the landmark Senate Inquiry into ‘justice reinvestment’ that gives the opportunity for submissions from the public towards reforming...