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Funding for JR in Bourke

After a lot of hard work and knocking on doors, Just Reinvest NSW has been funded for two years to work towards implementing justice...


Justice reinvestment for Australia, from America

Last week, I traveled with Emeritus Prof David Brown to New York and Washington DC to meet with many of the key people involved...

Bourke kids and cop 2015

Western NSW police support trial

A senior policeman is urging the NSW Government to back an independent program aimed at keeping young Aboriginal people out of jail. From ABC...


It makes social sense

Justice reinvestment doesn’t just make financial sense, it makes social sense. Sarah Hopkins is a lawyer at the Aboriginal Legal Service in Redfern and...


A ‘game changer’

Program to tackle indigenous over-representation in jail could be a ‘game changer’. From the SMH: The NSW government and the opposition have backed potentially “game...

boy and prison

Prison is not the answer

Prison is not the answer but perhaps justice reinvestment is. As each week passes, Australia moves ever closer to the unwanted prize for leading...


About Just Reinvest NSW

We set up Just Reinvest NSW – a not for profit organisation involving twenty or so organisations actively engaged in driving awareness about justice...


City of Bourke tackles domestic violence

David Pheeny works at the Aboriginal Legal Service in Bourke and says 60 per cent of his cases are related to domestic violence. From...


NSW justice group says re-think needed

A New South Wales Aboriginal justice group says the numbers of young Indigenous people in jail could drop under a re-allocation of government resources,...