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KPMG Report shows changes in Bourke had economic impact of $3.1m in 2017 & estimates $7m additional over 5 years

 A landmark report by KPMG estimates that changes in Bourke, the site of Maranguka Justice Reinvestment, resulted in a gross economic impact of $3.1...


New Work with Communities Interested in JR

Just Reinvest NSW has received a $250,000 grant from the Department of Justice’s Community Safety Fund to support a Community Engagement Project. Jenny Lovric,...


New Evidence from Bourke

Compelling new evidence released on 8th October 2018 from Bourke, NSW, demonstrates how the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment project, the largest of its kind in Australia, is...


NSW Election Policy Platform 2019

Just Reinvest NSW has released a Policy Platform ahead of the NSW State Election (March 2019). Our key asks outlined below. Support community-led solutions to break...


Recent Media Coverage

The work of Just Reinvest NSW and the Maranguka Justice Reinvestment project has recently been reported in the following articles: “Unique community policing sees crime...


Continued Federal Government inaction on over-imprisonment recommendations is devastating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

A chorus of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders, communities and organisations have called on the Federal Government to provide a formal response to...

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Reshaping Justice in Bourke

The Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project was featured as the cover story of the Law Society of NSW Journal, June 2018 issue. Jane Southward writes...


Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project is hiring!

The Maranguka Justice Reinvestment Project is looking to employ an Administration and Project Officer to be based in Bourke. Closing date for applications is 23 July 2018....


An important first step and a missed opportunity to support community-led justice reinvestment

Just Reinvest NSW described funding provided through the NSW Government’s Community Safety Fund earlier this month as an important first step but expressed disappointment...